Breast Care Center Interns (Left to Right): Emma McCune, Jenny Chen, Paul Kim, Aheli Chattopadhyay, Patrick Shibley, Emma Iaconetti, Zelos Zhu, Mollie Mustoe, Patrick Wang, Fiona McAuley, Nick Dreher, Matina Mamounas, Colby Hyland, and Kell Fahrner-Scott.

Each year, the Breast Care Center recruits college graduates to spend 1-2 years gaining experience before going on to professional training in medicine, public health, or health-related sciences.

These premedical interns, as we refer to them, are hired by Breast Care Center faculty or managers and work on basic, clinical, and health services research projects four days a week. One day a week their supervisors loan them to the Patient Support Corps for the benefit of our patients.

Patient Support Corps leaders train and supervise the premedical interns, who also obtain training and supervision as part of their other Breast Care Center responsibilities.

The Patient Support Corps program relies on the overall internship program, which is led by Dr. Laura Esserman, Director of the UCSF Breast Care Center, and administered by Sabrina Dias. To learn more about the internship program and how to apply, please visit

A benefactor, Amy Boebel, has endowed the Boebel Family Leadership Development Program to fund aspects of the internship program related to intern development. Please consider joining Amy Boebel in supporting some aspect of the internship program or the Patient Support Corps

The Patient Support Corps also recruits undergraduate UC Berkeley student interns to spend 1 academic year gaining experience in various UCSF clinics. These student interns gain academic credit for their Patient Support Corps services as the result their participation in the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program.

UC Berkeley Student Interns. Back row: Sarah Jonn, Zun Zhang, Christopher Sifflet, and Douglas Zhang. Middle row: Carmel Malvar, Michelle Luu, Yash Shah, and Anika Kalra. Front row: Lydia Nelson and Madelyn Frank.