Neoadjuvant Treatment (Chemotherapy or Hormone Therapy given BEFORE surgery)

Surgical Oncology

Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy and Targeted Therapy)

Breast Reconstruction Options

  • Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center 
    Discusses types of reconstruction such as implants and tissue reconstructions (latissimus, TRAM, and DIEP).
  • Emmi Solutions Breast Reconstruction 
    User friendly, engaging online tool available to UCSF Breast Care Center patients. Call 415-353-8400 to have an email invitation sent to you.
  • “Spotlight on Breast Reconstruction” 
    Part of the Cancer Support Community’s Frankly Speaking About Cancer series of books. You can order the free book or download the PDF.
    Reconstruction is not the right choice for everyone. Information regarding how some women have chosen to use prostheses or go form free.

Radiation Oncology Information and Websites

Clinical Trials