Example Question List

Example list of questions (de-identified) - for illustration purposes only.

The question lists below may not be applicable to you depending on your specific situation.

Example 1

PAST (clarifying diagnosis)
I understand that DCIS is a non-invasive cancer, but it can become invasive at any time. How serious of a situation is this?
Can the last biopsy tell us if there is cancer in the lymph nodes or not?
Will you be checking for cancer in my lymph nodes when you do the surgery?
What is the likelihood of finding cancer during the surgery that is worse than what the biopsy revealed?
Once you remove the cancer cells, what is the likelihood that you find invasive cancer in the margins?

PRESENT (clarifying which treatments are presently available)
From what I’ve read, it seems that the treatment plan for DCIS is to treat it as if it were invasive.
What do you suggest that I do in terms of treatment?Should I treat it as if it is invasive?
Do you suggest a total removal of my breast?
- I would go with this option if it is the best case scenario, but is it necessary? I would prefer another option.
I don’t understand hormone treatment. Can you explain it?
- How long does the treatment last?
I have been on hormonal replacement therapy for 20 years to help with my Parkinson’s disease. Do you suggest that I go off that? I am worried what would happen in terms of my Parkinson’s disease.
If part of the breast is removed, do I need radiation?
- I would prefer no radiation – how important is that with removal of the breast?
- Is it safe to do just radiation and no breast surgery? I am assuming the smart thing to do is remove the precancerous cells before radiation – am I right about that?

FUTURE (clarifying future impact of treatment options)
How long are hospital stays for the removal of the breast?
If the cancer is noninvasive, what is your recommendation about having breast reconstruction? What does that mean? 


Example 2

PAST (clarifying diagnosis)
First I was getting cortisone shots, but recently switched to hyaluronic acid shots
- My sister tried the hyaluronic shots but they didn’t work for her
I am thinking about a knee replacement as the pain in my knee is very bad
- When I sleep the wrong way I get a pain in my knee
I try to exercise frequently, does this help?
- Is there anything else I should be doing?

PRESENT (clarifying which treatments are presently available)
Is a Cortisone Shot the best option for me? Why?
Is a Hyaluronic Acid Shot the best option for me? Why?
- I’ve heard it lubes joints, is this true?
- How is it different than cortisone shots?
What does the Hyaluronic shot actually do vs what the cortisone shot does?
This is a second opinion, what treatment option do you recommend?
- My previous doctor changed the plan from knee replacement operation to continuing the hyaluronic shot
- Why did he do this?
Are there other treatment options available for knee treatment?
- Treatments are changing quite a bit, is there anything new?
- How will my current insurance affect treatment options?
How does my age affect my treatment options?

FUTURE (clarifying future impact of treatment options)
Knee Replacement Operation
- Is this only a one-time treatment option? If not, how long will it last?
- What are the risks?
- How long will recovery take?
- I live alone so will I have to find another place to stay?
- Will I need to go to rehab?
- I’m scared of a potential fall after this replacement because I live alone
- My son lives an hour away and will not be able to help me very much
- Which doctor would do the operation?

Hyaluronic shot vs Cortisone shot
- What are the side effects of both?
- My sister could only get 3 cortisone shots a year, does that mean it is dangerous?
- I’ve heard hyaluronic acid is made naturally by the body, does that make this option safer?
- I had a flu shot and hyaluronic shot on the same day and the back of my neck hurt very badly, is this normal?
- Out of the two shots which is going to be better or benefit me the most?
How will my knee be in five years if I get the operation vs staying on the shots?