In the Media

The Decision Services program in the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center and the Patient Support Corps program in non-breast related clinics combined in 2015 to form a joint Patient Support Corps. A breakdown of the Patient Support Corps process and evaluation methods, detailing 7 years of data collection, was published to the National Center for Biotechnology Information's BioMed Central Journal.

The Wall Street Journal and US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have profiled Decision Services. The San Francisco Chronicleran a story on the spread of the question-listing part of our program through a community partner, the Cancer Support Community. Kaiser Health News highlighted the shared decision-making aspect of the Patient Support Corps services and the value that it can hold for patients.

For an audio description of Decision Services, please review the August 28 broadcast of the radio show KQED Forum, featuring our Director, a patient, and a researcher being interviewed by host Dave Iverson.

You can also go to the KQED archive of the show to review more details or download the podcast of this show.

The Mayo Clinic invited our Decision Services team to present at their TRANSFORM Symposium. We were one of three winners of their Innovation Contest. Click below to see our 9-minute presentation.

Click below to view a clip of our Director, Jeff Belkora, discussing Decision Services. This is a 2-minute excerpt taken from the site NewsCertified

Decision Services presented an overview of our program to a research and policy forum in Washington DC sponsored by the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making. Click below to view our 20 minute presentation, followed by a 15 minute question-and-answer session. You can also download the presentation slides and the text of prepared remarks.