Other Patients

We provide informational links and interactive materials to over 900 visitors making treatment decisions each year, out of about 1,200 total treatment decision-making visits to the Breast Care Center.

Almost all viewers appreciate how clearly the materials convey facts and statistics. They also value the sense of hope and confidence conveyed by the patients and clinicians interviewed and quoted. A few viewers every year find that the materials are not quite suited to their condition, or are a little out of date.

We provide question-listingaudio-recording, and note-taking services to around 300 visitors each year.

Almost all patients rate these services very highly - they appreciate the opportunity to take as much time as they need to develop a list of questions with a trained facilitator. Then during the visit they know that a trained note-taker and recorder will capture the discussion with their doctor, the notes in summary format and the recording in detail. A few patients every year find that they were already so well prepared with their questions and their family members or friends were so good at taking notes, that the service was not as valuable for them.

Here is a brief video clip of a patient who used our question-listingaudio-recording, and note-taking services on multiple occasions, expressing her appreciation for the premedical interns who worked with her.