Question Prompts

We recommend the following prompts to stimulate patient questions.

(You may also wish to review a more detailed checklist or prompt sheet offsite.)

Situation (clarifying known facts about my condition)

Questions about your situation?

Diagnosis? Test reports? Pathology report? What have you heard? What have you read? For example, as you were reviewing educational materials, did they stimulate any questions about your situation?

Choices (clarifying which options are available)

Questions about the choices available to you?

Treatment options? Tests? Trials? Complementary therapies? What have you heard? What have you read? Did any educational materials stimulate questions about the choices available to you?

Objectives (clarifying my goals and priorities)

Goals or concerns for treatment or for the upcoming appointment?

Priorities? Hopes? Fears? Thoughts or feelings? Preference for amount/type of information (e.g. are you looking for numbers or trying to avoid them?) Desired timelines?

People (clarifying roles and responsibilities)

Questions or concerns do you have about the roles and responsibilities of people involved in your care?

Specific preference for your doctor’s involvement (e.g. give information, make a recommendation, make decision for you?) Roles and responsibilities of other people (e.g. other doctors, family, friends, people accompanying you to appointments)? Questions about where else to go for care, advice, information or support?

Evaluation (clarifying how my choices affect my objectives)

What questions do you have about how your choices might affect your objectives?

Questions about effects on survival, recurrence, quality of life?

Decisions (clarifying which choice is best and next steps)

Express which way you are leaning on key choices?

Specific requests for recommendations, prescriptions, or referrals?

Questions or concerns about how you will follow through on decisions (e.g. barriers to overcome, resources needed)?