Smartphone Apps
These links point to places where you can make your own question-lists and record your appointments

  • Medcorder
    This free app allows you to record, securely backup, transcribe, and share doctor consults with loved ones to make better medical decisions together. Automated transcriptions are free and processed immediately in-app for easy sharing.
  • Abridge
    This free app allows you to record, replay, and share* recordings of doctor consults. *Recordings can only be shared in the app.
  • Appointment Buddy
    This free iPhone app allows you to record audio, take pictures, and write notes for your appointments. No need to register; simply download the app and begin organizing appointments. Recordings, notes, and pictures can be emailed to others in compressed files. The app does not help build question lists. 
  • Rev Voice Recorder 
    This free app allows you to record and listen to audio, organize and share the recordings, and order voice-to-text human transcriptions at a rate of $1/min. Available for iPhone and Android.
  • Cancer.Net
    This free app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. It provides detailed educational information for many cancers and offers a long list of sample questions organized by type of doctor. Information about medications and symptoms can be stored on the app. The app does not create audio-recordings.
  • Pocket Cancer Care Guide
    By National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. Free iPhone app to build a list of questions, links the questions to the appointment in your calendar and allows you to record the answers. Offers questions to choose from, a glossary of terms, and allows you to create your own questions.