This page lists testimonials from people who have experienced benefits of some of the methods described on this website.


"Particularly for such a young person (just the facts) I was very impressed with [Intern]'s maturity and ability to converse in a calm, respectful and appropriate way. I TEACH medical providers how to 'Treat patients with CARE' and I know, personally AND statistically that patients who are well cared for DO better. This program provided not only a wonderful opportunity for patients who need support, but for the pre-med folks to practice some critical skills (and learn a lot). Thank you." (2016)

"Am very happy that [Intern] was available to take notes during my discussion with Dr. [Surgeon]. IT CERTAINLY RELIEVES A TON OF STRESS! Especially under this somewhat traumatic situation of learning that I have breast cancer." (2015)

"This was highly valuable not just verifying and receiving the information but the implied recognition that every patient could benefit from the support in receiving and processing so much information." (2015)

"[Intern name] was great! She helped me stop procrastinating and gather my list of questions. She was sensitive to my stress and anxiety and guided me through the thought process to ensure everything was covered. She also was very timely and followed through on all of her commitments. This was an invaluable service!" (2015)

"I have never experienced a patient support corps before and did not know that it existed. This was a very positive experience. Thank you very much! I normally have a list of questions prepared, but [Intern] helped my list be more complete and thorough." (2015)

"[Intern name] has great communication skills both verbally and written. The process of taking notes for patients is an excellent idea and extremely helpful. So often I don't take thorough enough notes so I need additional clarification. [Intern name] did an outstanding job on notes - especially considering the appointment was 2+ hours and covered a lot of material." (2015)

"[Intern name] made my visit a lot more comfortable. His valuable help to prepare my questions helped me a lot. I was going to 'swing it'. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks a million! Dr. [Oncologist] made things clear for me and I am walking away with lots of peace of mind. Thanks!" (2015)

"This service helped me a great deal. Premed Intern is a good listener, kind, and professional. I would not have been as well prepared for the meeting with my oncologist without her help. I was able to relax and listen to the doctor knowing that she was taking notes and the session was being recorded. I feel I got much more from my meeting than I otherwise would have." (2014) 

“Decision Services has been an excellent resource and is very much appreciated.  It has helped me put my mind at ease and not keep questioning my treatment decision.  Premed Intern was at this appointment and was excellent in his attitude and approach.  I really appreciate having Decision Services as part of the team at UCSF.” (2014)

“I do believe this helped me to make an educated decision about my health.” (2014)

“I was very impressed by the email and its resources so I forwarded it to a cousin who is a professor in Communications at Cleveland State University with a focus on medical communication … In the back of my mind, I knew that the list of resources was there - like a raft I could use later if I needed it.  The simple receipt of that email made an impact on me - knowing the effort a team was making to be helpful. I felt cared about and taken care of.” (2013)

“It helped a lot to have the recording. This made it easier to think about the decision making because I could re-listen to what Dr. [Oncologist] said and reduced the number of questions I might have asked the doctor a second time later.” (2013) 

“This service was invaluable.  It allowed me to be fully prepared for my appointment.  I was able to have full concentration while speaking with MD and the comfort of knowing that I would be able to review the entire session at my leisure in the future.  Thank you!”(2013) 

“Your work was stellar and I appreciate you so much.  Thank you. I was much more emotional than I thought I would be and neglected to sign up for My Chart at the desk when we left the Center.  I will call there today and try to sign up from home. Having your notes made my consultation with Dr. [Oncologist] invaluable and it wouldn't have felt that way without them.  It's a wonderful service that I was blessed to receive.” (2013) 

“I appreciate Decision Support Services very much – [Intern Name] and [Intern Name] have been great: helpful, kind, personable, professional. All medical staff we've worked with at UCSF Mt. Zion have been a pleasure to work with and inspire great confidence--I appreciate the time they took answering all my questions.”(2012)

“This is the most amazing service.  Please continue!!!  I can't even begin to explain how thoroughly comforting and educational this program is.”(2012)

“But the key point is that when the cancer patient is juggling SO MUCH, the Decision Services takes on one really key task, such that the patient doesn't have to manage that one extra (important) project. Please tell your director how big that one factor is. Frankly, as much as I have appreciated many other aspects of your service, I hadn't fully realized that "time, brain-power, project-managing" factor until I didn't have it.” (2011)

“No problem.  I'm disturbed at how many women undergo major treatment procedures for breast cancer without having all the information or a thorough understanding of their condition.  So, it's a wonderful thing that UCSF is making such an effort to communicate with patients and empowering them to be actively involved in the decision-making process.  I only wish this was standard practice for all facilities particularly for those servicing patients who don't have the resources to do the research on their own.”(2011)

“From a grateful patient to the premed intern who did her consultation planning services: Oh my goodness, this is SO helpful to my brain!!!! I love that you managed to fit the far-ranging, non-linear interaction into the format & order of how/where it relates to my own questions and concerns that I went in with. I feel so lucky that you have a brain that can do that...er...translation. Wow. And I'm delighted that you saved it in a Word format that my old computer can read. Premed Intern, you are a walking miracle. Thank you so much for touching my life.”(2011) 

 “I cannot say enough how useful it was to have someone help me sort my questions and take their time to transcribe the details of my appointment with my oncologist.  Having gone through a couple of surgeries already and being given bad news is so overwhelming that your services helped me get more organized and better informed prior to my first appointment with Dr. Oncologist. I am very thankful and know that you are providing an invaluable service to many patients.  I’m glad this was available to me and hope it’s there for the next women.”(2010) 

“All of your special care and attention made me feel well taken care of and prepared for my next step in my fight against cancer.   I left Dr. Oncologists’ office with a feeling of complete understanding of my condition and blessed to have been able to talk with him.”(2010) 

“Having [Premedical Intern] with me has made this very stressful (and occasionally terrifying) process much less mysterious. There is both a sense of empowerment that comes from the process of working together to create a list of questions, to a sense of reassurance when the appointment is over and I have an accurate, dispassionate account of what occurred. Priceless.”(2010)

“A UCSF oncologist offers her perspective on the Breast Care Center's question-listing program: "I think when a patient comes to a visit, they are often overwhelmed with collecting information about their cancer and the treatment options, but they don’t have an organized plan about what information they want to come away with. The consultation planning service helps them formulate their questions so they know what questions they need to clarify about their disease.”(2008) 

“A UCSF patient writes: "This was an invaluable service. It was so incredibly helpful to be able to brainstorm questions with Meredith. I really appreciate her efforts. Thank you, Meredith. It was wonderful to know that she was in the room, taking notes and providing an audio recording. Thanks!!!"(2008) 

“Wow! The planning session helped TREMENDOUSLY! Not only in helping me make good decisions, but also organizing my thoughts and calming me down! Thank you John (UCSF Consultation Planner)! I greatly appreciate you!”(2007) 

“I found your services extraordinary. Is there anyone who needs to receive a letter assessing its value? Having the chemobrain makes going to the doctor's office difficult and confusing. Your template and personal clarity zeroed in on my questions, much better than I did by myself. I told my cancer group about the service and all 10 people in the room were very impressed and wished they had such help. “Thank you very much.”(2005)

“Thank you so much for your help in planning my meeting with the doctor. It went well and I did have my friend take notes as well as record the discussion. Thanks again for your encouragement, patience, and guidance - it really helped!”(2005)

“It was indeed a big help to have a medical appointment plan that is well organized. May you continue to be there for us and our families.”(2005)